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Bell Flying Club

The non-profit Bell Flying Club (BFC) is one of the oldest flying clubs in Central PA. It was incorporated in the early 1960's. Headquartered at the AvFlight FBO at Harrisburg International Airport (KMDT), BFC has two aircraft and 30-40 members. 

N80788 is a 1976 Cessna Skyhawk 172M with a 180hp engine. It is fully IFR equipped with a Garmin 430 GPS and an additional nav/comm radio, ADF, ILS glide slope, marker beacon, encoding altimeter, ADS-B,  and 2-axis autopilot. With full fuel (38gals), the plane has an 820lb carrying capacity. The cruise propeller allows for an average of 3 hours flying time with FAA flight reserves. The IO 360 4-cylinder motor is replaced every 2,000 hours and the aircraft is flown year round. 

N9930E is a 1985 Cessna 182R with newly overhauled engine (Q123) and a world class avionics suite

  • Garmin GTN 750Xi

  • 2 Garmin GI 275's

  • Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot

  • PS Engineering PMA 7000B audio panel

  • JPI EDM-900 digital engine monitor

Actual use of our airplanes has averaged 200 hours per year over the last few years. As a result, we experience few scheduling conflicts. Reservations are managed through the use of ScheduleMaster, a web-based aircraft scheduling service.

Club Objectives

The objectives of this Club are to stimulate and maintain an interest in aviation; to provide authorized members in good standing with an opportunity to engage in flying; and to encourage and develop skills in aeronautics, navigation, mechanics, and related aero skills and sciences.

Club Social Objectives
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The Bell Flying Club was established to allow its members to enjoy the hobby and camaraderie of recreational flying. Members use the airplane for excursion trips or local flights. They often join up with other members to fly together to aviation related events or take trips with family or friends. Members must have a current pilot's license and medical to join the club. Only members can fly the airplane. At each club meeting, members exchange information about their flying experiences. Members also discuss aeronautical knowledge and operational features and equipment of the club aircraft. These discussions are shared in the minutes of the meeting. During the year the club schedules six (6) membership meetings and four (4) wash & wax events. These events  provide social activities for the members which also include holiday parties.

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