N80788 Upgrades: 


  • AV-30C as Attitude Indicator(Complete 1/30/21)

  • AV-30 as Primary Direction Indication (Summer 2022)

  • Fabric Refresh End of 2021 - COMPLETE

  • Installation of 30E's 430W for dual Garmin setup (Summer 2022)





2nd Aircraft (UPDATE N9930E IS HERE!):

Due to the value our members have created, our membership has expanded to the point we can support another plane.  After a long and careful search, we found N9930E and took delivery on August 5, 2021. After weeks of Supply Chain related delays all of our new equipment is in and the upgrade is underway.  More detail to come! Join BFC Today.

See N9930E's Retirement from the Civil Air Patrol