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Membership is acceptance into the Club, not as part owner of the plane. The Club owns the plane. We are financially solvent and operate on a non-profit basis. By agreement with the local FBO's and to reduce our insurance premium, we do not accept student pilots. As a Member, you may, however, use the plane to pursue an Instrument, Commercial, or CFI(I) rating.


Thank you for your interest in joining the Bell Flying Club.  To begin the application process, please ensure you first meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a minimum Private Pilot License (ASEL)

  • Have a valid Class 1, 2, or 3 Medical Certificate or BasicMed Certification

  • Within last 12 months:

    • No aircraft accident, incidents, or unreported claims

    • Have not had pilot certificate or driver's license surrendered, suspended, or revoked 

    • Not been arrested for, or charged with, operating an aircraft or motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Application Process

To ensure equitable plane availability, the Bell Flying Club maintains a waiting list for potential applicants.  As positions become available, the Vice President will contact those on the waiting list in the order they were added. If you are contacted and not immediately interested in joining, you may ask to be kept on the list.  You will be put on a 90 day "hold" before resuming your original priority position. 

Once contacted, if you indicate your interest in applying and still meet the Minimum Requirements above, the Vice President will extend a formal invitation and Application Packet to you. 

Join Now

Jim Britton

Vice President

New Member Committee Chair

  • What is the current initiation fee?
    As of March 2023, the initiation fee is $3,000. This is a non-equity buy in to the Club. If you choose to leave the Club and do so in good standing, $500 of this initiation fee will be refundable.
  • What are the current monthly dues?
    As of February 2024, current monthly dues are $108. We typically adjust the rates once per year in January / February.
  • What is the current hourly rate?
    As of January 2022, the currently hourly rates are: N80788 (C172) - $135 (down from $141 earlier 2023) per TACH hour, wet. N9930E (C182) - $185 (down from $193 earlier 2023) per TACH hour, wet
  • How often due dues and hourly rates change?
    Monthly dues and hourly rates are evaluated on an annual basis. Hourly rates can change quarterly or as required based primarily on fuel prices.
  • How is billing done?
    At the completion of each month, the Club Treasurer will collect the flight log and calculate the total amount due per member. Each member will receive, via email, an invoice. Invoices are due upon receipt and can be paid by check.
  • Must I carry my own insurance?
    The club carries its own insurance which covers the members so you need not carry your own insurance to fly the plane. You are, however, able to purchase additional coverage on your own.
  • What if I purchase fuel at another airport?
    If you purchase fuel at another airport, simply save the receipt and send a scan of it to the Club Treasurer. The amount will be credited towards your invoice for that flight. NOTE: You will be responsible for any landing, parking, miscellaneous fees associated with visiting another airport.
  • Is there a waiting list for membership?
    At the moment, we have open slots for membership available. If we do hit our limit we will be happy to put you on the waiting list.
  • Where are our planes hangared?
    Our planes are hangared at Harrisburg International Airport (KMDT) at AvFlight's new FBOlocated at 3 Terminal Dr, Middletown PA, 17057 AvFlight Website (takes you to an external site).
  • How often are the planes used per year?
    Due to increased membership in advance of adding our second plane, N80788 is averaging about 300 hours per year. Once our new C182 is fully online, we expect each plane to average about 200 hours per year.
  • Are there any special security requirements to fly in and out of KMDT?
    KMDT is a Class D Tower Controlled airport within a TRSA (Terminal Radar Service Area). There are no special security requirements to fly in and out of KMDT. To gain access to the hangar and ramp area, however, you must obtain a security badge via Harrisburg Airport Security. During your application process, we can provide you the most up to date information on this process and the associated expenses.
  • Can I use the club's planes to earn my IFR / Commercial rating?
  • Can I use the club's planes to earn my Private Pilot's license?
  • Can I help out with plane maintenance?
    The Club hosts 2 Wash & Wax events per year which all members are encouraged to attend. For those who can not or choose not to attend, there is a $10 assessment. Our Club is fortunate to have it’s Chief Maintenance Officer as the Club Mechanic. There are certainly some opportunities to get your hands dirty and learn something about aircraft maintenance / care along the way.
  • What are the hours of the FBO?
    AvFlight operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a flight scheduled, it is best to give them a call at least 2 hours in advance but preferably the night before to ensure the plane is on the line or staff are available to pull the plane out for you at the desired time.
  • How do I make reservations?
    Plane reservations are made through an online platform called ScheduleMaster
  • How many reservations can I make at once?
    To maintain equitable plane availability, members are allowed to hold a maximum of 2 reservations at any time.
  • Are there any minimum billing times for flying the planes?
    Yes. Any reservation for <5 hours is billed at actual TACH time. 5 to 24 consecutive hours – 2 hours minimum 24 to 36 consecutive hours – 3 hours total 36 to 48 consecutive hours – 4 hours total
  • What is the club's policy on weather cancellations?
    If foul weather (or similar reason) forces cancellation of any scheduled flight, no bumping will be permitted without the consent of the individuals involved. Be SAFE! If the weather is beyond your comfort or capabilities, don't fly. If you are away from the home field and that means a fellow member might not be able to use the plane at their reserved time, just let them know.
  • What’s the longest I can reserve one of the planes for?
    You can book the plane for up to 7 days. If you wish to make a reservation in excess of 7 days you must submit the request to the Board for approval.
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