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Membership is acceptance into the Club, not as part owner of the plane. The Club owns the plane. We are financially solvent and operate on a non-profit basis. By agreement with the local FBO's and to reduce our insurance premium, we do not accept student pilots. As a Member, you may, however, use the plane to pursue an Instrument, Commercial, or CFI(I) rating.


Thank you for your interest in joining the Bell Flying Club.  To begin the application process, please ensure you first meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a minimum Private Pilot License (ASEL)

  • Have a valid Class 1, 2, or 3 Medical Certificate or BasicMed Certification

  • Within last 12 months:

    • No aircraft accident, incidents, or unreported claims

    • Have not had pilot certificate or driver's license surrendered, suspended, or revoked 

    • Not been arrested for, or charged with, operating an aircraft or motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Application Process

To ensure equitable plane availability, the Bell Flying Club maintains a waiting list for potential applicants.  As positions become available, the Vice President will contact those on the waiting list in the order they were added. If you are contacted and not immediately interested in joining, you may ask to be kept on the list.  You will be put on a 90 day "hold" before resuming your original priority position. 

Once contacted, if you indicate your interest in applying and still meet the Minimum Requirements above, the Vice President will extend a formal invitation and Application Packet to you. 

Join Now

Jim Britton

Vice President

New Member Committee Chair

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